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La luxure, bière au coscoll
Gold medal beer
France winner beer


Blonde with coscoll liquor

Water, barley malts *, 4% Couscouil liquor

(Alc. 40% vol.), Hops, yeasts.

Couscouil is a plant that grows in our Pyrenees. In spring cure, it is savored raw and would have virtues "  regenerative  ". In the fall, it is strongly appreciated in the form of a fine, digestive and fragrant liquor. The Brasserie Cap d'Ona member of the awesome 

" Brotherhood of Couscouilleurs " makes it his cold drink. This elixir, both sweet and crazy, can be savored like water of joy, water of life, water of youth, water of fraternity.

A water of love  ! Terribly delicious.

Capital sins series  : Lust

* Contains Gluten

 8.5 ° 

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